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TOM in English

Working and learning in teams. With: more attention for pupils and education personnel. Learning in a way that suits this time. Twenty-four schools in The Netherlands have made experiences. Let’s be inspired by TOM.

Did you already meet TOM Onderwijs Anders?
In the TOM project schools try to accomplish an integrated educational and organisational development. TOM suits every school; no matter where you are in your school development. You can start it immediately; in your own way, at your own speed, just the way you like it!

What is TOM?
TOM is an approach for transformation and renewal. For all area’s in the school; the stake of personnel, the organisation of education and the organisation of the learning environment. Together these three areas are the pillars of TOM.
Contiguously there is the shell around the three pillars, the process of changing. This is the context where changes take place. It contains culture, leadership, communication and the defrayment.

Who to realise TOM?
On this site you can find different TOM products. There is a film available on which you can see pictures of the TOM project, which are direct taken from practice. You can download a fairytale about TOM, experiences from a director of a TOM-school and the TOM brochure.

Download TOM brochure.